Frequently asked questions


What are natural supplements and why would I need them?

Answer: Natural food supplements are products that contain concentrated nutrients from natural sources. They can be useful for filling nutritional deficiencies, supporting health and well-being, and complementing a balanced diet.

What benefits can I expect from using natural supplements in capsules?

Answer: Natural supplements can provide extra nutrients that can sometimes be difficult to obtain through diet alone. They can support energy, immune system, joint and muscle health, as well as hair, skin and nails.

Are these supplements safe to use with my current medication?

Answer: We recommend that you consult your doctor before starting to use supplements, even if they contain only natural extracts. Some herbal extracts can interact with medicines.

How do I know which supplement is best suited to my needs?

Answer: Our product pages provide detailed information about each supplement and its uses. If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact a health expert for personal advice.

What ingredients are used in your supplements?

Answer: Our supplements contain only natural extracts and no additives. We use carefully selected plant-based ingredients to give you a pure and natural source of nutrients.

Do you have any recommendations or advice on the best way to take these capsules?

Answer: Each product comes with clear dosing instructions on the packaging. Follow these instructions carefully for best results.

Where do you source your ingredients and how do you ensure their quality?

Answer: Our natural extracts are obtained from reliable sources and go through strict quality controls. We strive to offer you high quality products without compromise.

What is your return and refund policy if I am not satisfied with the product?

Answer: We have a return and refund policy to ensure your satisfaction. Visit to read about our return and refund policy.

How do you handle shipping and deliveries? What options are available?

Answer: We offer delivery with PostNord for fast and reliable deliveries. Normally, delivery takes 2-3 working days from when the order is confirmed. Please note that the delivery time may vary depending on your location and any irregularities in the delivery process.

We always aim to process and ship your order as soon as possible. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link so you can follow the progress of the delivery.