Boost Your Tan Naturally with Beta Carotene

Beta-carotene is a fat-soluble antioxidant that helps you form an even and lasting tan, as well as strengthening the immune system and forming protective melanin. The result is a great tan faster.

🔥 Sunburn: With Beta-carotene you get a naturally even and beautiful tan faster and with less sun exposure

🧬 Antioxidant: Beta-carotene acts as a powerful antioxidant that supports the body’s defenses against free radicals and oxidative stress, helping to preserve the health of cells.

🍃 Natural substance: Beta-carotene is a natural substance found in foods such as carrots, eggs, milk, green and yellow vegetables. 30 moraine

❤️ Immune boosting: Beta-carotene is said to support the normal functioning of the immune system and help reduce the risk of diseases and infections through its antioxidant properties.

💡 Anti-inflammatory: Beta-carotene is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties and promotes overall health and well-being.

With 60 capsules of pure Beta-carotene, you’ll give your summer tan a great start. So take control of your skin and glow with our highly concentrated Beta Carotene!

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More about Beta-carotene

Many people choose Beta-carotene, also known as 'sun pills' or 'tan-without-sun pills', for its potent and natural tanning effect. Not only does it provide a more even and durable tan, but it also has antioxidant properties. These properties help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.

  1. Tan: Beta-carotene increases skin pigmentation and gives a natural tan. This reduces the need to expose the skin to harmful UV rays. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to achieve a sun-kissed look without risking sun damage.
  2. Antioxidant action: Beta-carotene acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body against damage from free radicals and oxidative stress. This ability to neutralize harmful molecules helps protect cells and tissues from being damaged, which can reduce the risk of ageing and diseases.
  3. Skin protection: Beta-carotene is stored in the skin's fatty tissue and acts as a natural protection against the sun's UV rays while stimulating the production of melanin. Beta-carotene protects the skin, improves its overall health and appearance, promotes a more even skin tone and reduces pigmentation.
  4. Immune boosting: Beta-carotene is said to have immune boosting properties and can support the normal functioning of the immune system. This in turn helps to reduce the risk of diseases and infections. Beta-carotene strengthens the body's defenses against bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances and helps keep you healthy.
  5. Anti-inflammatory properties: Beta-carotene is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation in the body and promote overall health and well-being. As a result, beta-carotene can help relieve symptoms of various diseases and improve the body's ability to fight infections.


Despite all these benefits, it is important to remember that research on Beta-carotene is still ongoing. Research still has much to learn about its effects and optimal dosage. Before you start taking beta carotene as a food supplement, it is always best to consult a doctor, especially if you have existing health problems or are taking other medications. This helps to ensure that you get the best results with minimal risks of any side effects.

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Highly concentrated Beta-carotene.

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60 capsules, Highly concentrated Beta-carotene, Dose: 100mg


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