Yerba Mate

The Favorite of the Football Elite – Now in Capsule Form

Yerba Mate is an amazing herb. Across South America, it’s insanely popular in tea form, praised by almost every professional soccer player in the continent (Messi, Neymar JR & Suarez to name a few) for its invigorating effect and tangible positive impact on oxygen uptake. “What are they drinking out of their thermos cups?” you often hear about South American footballers at international matches. Yerba Mate is the answer.

At Sonja’s Pharmacy we thought instead: “Why not as a capsule”? Easier to take in the middle of a busy day and incorporate into your health routine. The same positive characteristics.
Get your day off to a refreshing start with our powerful Yerba Mate: 60 capsules of pure vitality! Well known for its invigorating properties and also a favorite of the world-famous footballer Messi, Yerba Mate is an exceptional herb with a long history of use and appreciation.

Discover the remarkable effects that have made Yerba Mate so popular:

⚡️ Natural energy boost: Experience an undulating feeling of natural, long-lasting energy that fills you with life. Yerba Mate is known to support stamina and vitality in a unique way.

💡 Cognitive enhancement: Sharpen your mental acuity! Yerba Mate is thought to promote clarity and focus, which can enhance your concentration and cognitive function.

💪 Body revitalization: Give your body what it deserves. Yerba Mate is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which can support cell renewal, slow down aging and contribute to general well-being.

🛡️ Immune system support: Give your immune system a natural boost! Yerba Mate is considered to have properties that support a strong and healthy immune system, which can help you face daily challenges.

🧘‍♀️ Adaptability: Yerba Mate helps you adapt to stressors, both environmental and emotional, thus promoting a sense of calm and balance.

Experience the unprecedented difference for yourself and embrace the day with Yerba Mate – an energy boost that inspires even the world’s top athletes!

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Scientific Support for Yerba Mate's Health Benefits

Yerba Mate has been the subject of increasing interest in scientific research, with a focus on elucidating its traditional use and the potential health benefits that have been reported. Although further research is needed to fully understand its effects, several studies have investigated Yerba Mate's possible contribution to health and well-being. Here are some of the outstanding results:

Research on Yerba Mate has indicated its impressive antioxidant activity. These antioxidants can potentially help fight oxidative stress and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, which is important for maintaining a healthy body.

Anti-inflammatory properties:
Yerba Mate has been researched for its anti-inflammatory properties, and initial results suggest its potential to reduce inflammation. This may be important to support the body's healthy inflammatory response and promote overall well-being.

Nutritious composition:
Yerba Mate is known for its rich nutritional profile, including essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Studies have shown that Yerba Mate can be a valuable source of nutrients and can support the dietary needs of people.

Blood sugar control:
Preliminary research findings suggest that Yerba Mate may have beneficial effects on blood sugar levels. This makes it interesting as a potential supplement for those struggling with their blood sugar.

Heart-healthy properties:
Research has pointed to Yerba Mate's potential positive impact on the cardiovascular system. There are indications that Yerba Mate can support cardiovascular health, which is essential for overall wellbeing.

It is important to note that, while these studies provide promising insights, further clinical trials are generally required to establish Yerba Mate's specific effects, safety and optimal dosage for different health conditions. Individual reactions to Yerba Mate can vary, and we recommend consulting a doctor before including it in your health routine, especially for people with existing health problems or those taking medication.

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Weight 40 g

Yerba mate extract, vegetable capsule


1 – 2 capsules daily

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60 capsules, Highly concentrated: 50:1 extract, Dose: 400mg


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